Show shenanigans

Frank Fletcher, Darrell Qualls, Klink, Wesley Brown.

It's always a great time at Tamara's Tapas in Apalachicola Florida and twice the awesome when Jamming with Wes and Frank!

RG booking me at Bama Slam Saloon

Bama Slam is the Southeast Region's premier music venue and I'm proud to say that Mr.Ronnie Gilley gave me his time this evening to speak about upcoming concerts. Stay tuned for the details!

On a different note, tonights Daniel Lee and Moccasin Creek was great! Getting to see both bands live and then getting to meet a few of the guys was a nice evening topper. . . Ash Miltiades, you rock bro! 

stewart guitars!

I'm proud to support and be supported by stewart guitar company!

I've been using a Stewart Guitar Company "Stow-Away" model now for almost a year and can say the instrument and the company is top notch!

When it first arrived I thought it was going to be a great asset for travel dates as it breaks down into a convenient "personal item" size for air travel.  I would have never pegged it as the guitar that I would never leave home without.. The sound and playability of it is amazing, this full scale travel model ranks right up with my American HSS Stratocaster and my Chance Gardner USA made "S" model. All of this in conjunction with the "Stewart Guitar Company" back pack, that it fits into, makes for a very strong package. I can fit my needed pedals, cables and mic right into the front pocket of the back pack and be ready for any stage (where backline is provided). Needless to say, it IS the guitar that I never leave home without!

 I owe a big thanks to Stewart Guitar Company and it's owner, Jim Reed, for all the support they have shown me. Jim has been an excellent source of instrument knowledge  and as well become a great friend over the past year and few months. Please check them out at and let Jim know I sent ya! 

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Photo Credit- carrie Cooper

Powerhouse Combination

DQ joining forces with Frank Fletcher

Darrell Qualls, southern professional player, will be joining Frank Fletcher's already amazing road show. Up coming dates include Gulf Coast favorite "Seville Quarter" in beautiful Pensacola Florida and direct Support for the mighty Confederate Railroad. Be sure to check out Frank Fletcher's new video release "Let's Party Tonight"!

sturgis, moondance, kilde

Steele River Band has announced concert dates for the 2019 STURGIS "Iron Horse" stages, August 1st through the 9th. Check "shows" and for updates on line ups and exact show times!

 Steele River Band has also confirmed Moondance "Kickin Country" Festival as well "Kilde Barn Festival dates! Make sure to keep an eye the bands social media for updates and major show announcements! 

Great guitars with a serious vintage vibe and a "broke in" feel  right out of the box. I'm having a blast with my Letty SS!!! -DQ

Great guitars with a serious vintage vibe and a "broke in" feel right out of the box. I'm having a blast with my Letty SS!!! -DQ

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Darrell Qualls is happy to be accepted into Nose Pedals and Westminsters family of artists! Please do check out their website at 

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